To get on this leaderboard you need to take a 50 question ALL TOPICS quiz and get 90% or above.

No.StudentLocationScoreTest Date
1 Lina Darwish Lebanon 100% 09-Jun-2019
2 Madhu Babu Toli United States 100% 24-Oct-2018
3 Dukhik Hovsepyan Armenia 100% 04-Apr-2017
4 Dukhik Hovsepyan Armenia 100% 04-Apr-2017
5 ganesh kumar India 100% 10-Aug-2016
6 Manikandan Subramanian India 100% 13-Jan-2016
7 Manikandan Subramanian India 100% 11-Jan-2016
8 James Cox United States 100% 08-Nov-2015
9 sandeep dubey India 100% 18-Oct-2015
10 mohan guthikonda India 100% 20-Jul-2015

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